The Small Things…

As you may be aware, occasionally I publish extracts from the daily Bible Notes that I ( try to ) use. The following is such an extract. I hope that it gives you a lift as it did me.
Thank you.

The Small Things

By Anne Cetas

Please read: Psalm 116:1-9

Every good and perfect gift is from above. James 1:17

“My friend Gloria called with excitement in her voice. She had not been able to leave her home except for doctors’ appointments. So I understood why she was so happy to tell me, “My son just attached new speakers to my computer, so now I can go to my church!” Now she could hear the live broadcast of her church’s worship service. She raved about God’s goodness and the “best gift my son could have given me!”

Gloria teaches me about having a thankful heart. Despite her many limitations, she’s thankful for the smallest of things – sunsets, helpful family and neighbors, quiet moments with God, the ability to remain in her own apartment. She’s had a lifetime of seeing God provide for her, and she talks about Him to anyone who visits or calls.

We don’t know what difficulties the author of Psalm 116 was encountering. Some Bible commentaries say it was probably sickness because he said, “the cords of death entangled me” ( Psalm 116:3. ) But he gave thanks to the Lord for being gracious and full of compassion when he was “brought low” ( Psalm 116:5-6. )

When we’re low, it can be hard to look up. Yet if we do, we see that God is the giver of all good gifts in our life – great and small – and we learn to give Him thanks.”

What shall I render to the Lord for all his benefits to me? . . . I will offer to you the sacrifice of thanksgiving ( Psalm 116:12,17 esv. )

Praise to God comes naturally when you count your blessings.


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