Thank You

To everyone that has to this day, liked, commented, looked at, corresponded, even disagreed with, besides expressing my gratitude, I want to say something to you that means a lot to me.

Now don’t get me wrong – I’m fully aware that, in society at large, some may accept what I will say and even return it; some may get upset; some annoyed and for some, it will mean very little or nothing at all.

The greeting is, of course, related to a very special date in the Christian calendar. And not everyone agrees with that. Indeed people may have a completely different perspective.

And that’s entirely fair.

But I would like to take you behind the phrase to see the underlying motive upon which it rests.

In a world of the ‘agenda’, where we find people: taking offence where previously there would have been none; or posessing differing ideologies that sometimes lead to the most extreme and violent consequences; or being pressured to compromise their deeply-held faith and appease, even lie, to those that disagree with them in order to comply with the law, such a thought would tread very thin ice.

But blessings can come in all sorts of disguises and they will all have one thing in common: they will all, without exception, think the very best of and send very best wishes to those whom they are given to.

So I won’t insult you because, without being patronizing, you are intelligent, loving, caring, considerate, altruistic, benevolent and selfless enough to read behind, and understand, what I am about to say next:

A Happy Easter to you all!


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