New Year, New Me?

December 31st. Last day of this year. You can’t help but wonder what 2017 will bring.

But no… that just sounds plain ominous. There’s something to be said for living your life on a day-by-day basis. Plan ahead, of course, but take each day as it comes.

For the first time ever I have made some New Year’s resolutions, and you will be my witness, lol!

And here they are:

  • By December 31st, 2017 I will be at least two stone ( 12.700586kg ) lighter.
  • I will create at least one art piece per month.
  • I will pick up again those activities that I let slide this year.
  • I will pick up again those friendships that I abandoned this year.
  • I will teach myself to understand astronomy ( more about this one later! lol )
  • I will save up at least £600 ( $741 approx ) by year’s end.
  • I will increase sponsorship of worthy causes in the coming year.
  • I will beat Steven Seagal at Aikido.

Well that’s eight. There may be more but I can’t think of them right now. But maybe eight is more than enough.

Do I think I have a shot at success? Well right now it’s make-or-break decision time –  if I decide to go for it, I can’t back out. Nosiree.

So as we enter 2017, let’s be positive.

Despite the daily dose of depressing news that the media serves up, there is reason to hope. There is reason to be positive.

So let’s go hand in hand together!

PS: I’m  kidding about resolution 8 ( for obvious reasons lol! )


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