This is my first attempt at writing a ‘blog.’ I’ve read some bad ones but I’ve also read some outstanding ones in my time.  Some I was left wondering what it was all about,  others hit the mark.

I’ve no idea where this blog will fit,  in the grand scheme of things except that I hope that it will be therapeutic for me and helpful for you. 

I’m under no illusion: I would imagine that anyone who writes a blog sets out hoping it will be wildly popular. I suppose such things are good for the ego. I’ve no idea where this one will end up – but I’ll press ahead and see.

PS: In case you are wondering about a comment below by George Pratt, well it pertains to a previous blogging attempt in 2012 but as I liked his comment and, indeed, his blog, I decided to keep it! lol




One thought on “Hi.

  1. Hey, looking forward to scoping out your drawings, etc.! Please post some of your work! Once you throw something out there it gets easier. Honest. 🙂

    Thanks for posting on my blog. Your comments and observations were great. That’s the hardest first step, just reaching out.

    Anyway hope to hear from you and see your work! Great blog title, by the way!

    Best George

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